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The 4-3-3 Football Academy is the consequent continuation of a proven concept. The stars are always the participants and their development in the events/camps and not the coaches.

That matters to us.

We do not want to reinvent the wheel, but we want to set new standards in the methodological and pedagogical implementation. The 4-4-3 Football Academy will convince you with its large experience, the required competence and especially with a lot of fun.


Therefore, each participant of each camp will be provided with a great and complete equipment including a shirt, shorts and the corresponding socks (alternatively a tracksuit, depending on the season), shin guards, a drinking bottle and, of course, with the most important detail of all: a high-quality ball of the corresponding size and weight for the respective age.

Well equipped, the kids will kick off to four days of power football and, after the camp has finished, they can take the whole equipment home. Besides the material things, the 4-4-3 Football Academy can count on a team of experienced and highly skilled coaches. Not only this team of coaches represents absolute competence, the manager of the 4-4-3 Football Academy, Thomas C. Joedecke, can also look back on more than two decades of successful and conceptional work in the field of youth football as former director of the football school of Hannover 96.


19.02.23 06:58

Oster Ferien Camp in Burgdorf 27.03.-29.03.2023

Vom 27.03.-29.03.2023, veranstalten wir ein Oster-Camp in Burgdorf. Das Camp findet auf der Anlage...

19.02.23 06:48

Ferien-Fussballschule mit der Stadtsparkasse Burgdorf vom 10.07. - 12.07.2023

Die Stadtsparkasse Burgdorf richtet auch in diesem Jahr vom 10.07. - 12.07. wieder eine...

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