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ConSerious sporTManagement S.L.
Thomas C. Joedecke
Malte Spieß

Mönkeburgstr. 35
31303 Burgdorf

registrada a juzgado municipal de Hildesheim, HRB 203837


(Thomas C. Joedecke)
(Malte Spieß)

el associado la directora:

Thomas C. Joedecke
Malte Spieß

registrada oficina:


juzgado local:

numero identificatión fiscal:



Exclusión de responsabilidad

En la construcción de estas páginas web se procede con el máximo esfuerzo por ofrecer una información actual, de contenido técnico correcto y preciso.A pesar de todo esmero se pueden producir errores, por lo que ConSerious sporTManagement GbR, S.A. elude cualquier responsabilidad debido a errores de imprenta así como pretensiones acerca de exactitud, contenido completo y de actualidad de las informaciones en estas páginas web. Las informaciones y los datos que ConSerious sporTManagement GbR. S. A. ofrece en su página web pueden ser modificados en cualquier momento sin previo aviso.

Las informaciones son ofrecidas por ConSerious sporTManagement GbR, S.A. sin compromiso y bajo exclusión de cualquier tipo de garantía. En cuanto la página web de ConSerious sporTManagement GbR, S.A. incluya posibles enlaces o recomendaciones hacia páginas web de terceros, ConSerious sporTManagement GbR, S. A. tampoco se hace responsable de los contenidos ofrecidos en estos sobre informaciones, comunicados, materiales o en conexiones enlazadas con otras páginas web.

Declaramos expresamente que no asumimos, en todos los casos, los contenidos de páginas enlazadas. Al utilizar la página web de ConSerious sporTManagement GbR, S.A. Vd. corre con todo el riesgo implícito con la utilización, incluyendo los riesgos de daños en su ordenador, software o datos por virus u otros software que a través de la página web de ConSerious sporTManagement GmbH, S.A. o su utilización puedan originarse o activarse.

En ningún caso será de responsabilidad de Conserious, S. A. cualquier daño directo, indirecto, específico, secundario o consecutivo, o beneficio desperdiciado, que resultasen por el uso o mal uso de informaciones o de informaciones incompletas de la página web de ConSerious sporTManagement GmbH S. A.

Collection, processing and use of data

You can normally visit our website without us requiring any personal data from you. We only learn of the name of your Internet service provider, the website from which you linked to us, the pages you visit on our site, the time and date of your visit as well as demographic characteristics (age, gender) and your interests. We analyse this information for statistical purposes and to improve our web pages. In all cases the individual user remains anonymous.

Personal data is only collated if you expressly provide us with it, for example in the case of sending an e-mail form, subscribing to our newsletters or making online orders in our Internet shop. In the case of Internet payment after making a online order, the data is encrypted for transfer in order to prevent abuse by third parties. We use a transfer method that is based on the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This encrypts data transfer between your browser and our server. In order for the browser you use to be able to transfer encrypted data, the SSL security protocol must be enabled in its settings.

We only collate, process and use your personal data for the processing of your instructions, inquiries and orders as well as protecting our own valid business interests in terms of advising and supporting our customers and designing products that meet our customers' demands. It should be expressly noted that all statutory provisions are complied with.

Use of cookies

Occasionally cookies are used on our web pages to assist us in providing you with targeted information. By using cookies no personal data is stored or linked to your personal user data. Cookies are small text files that are sent from our web server to your PC and usually stored on your hard disk. They do not become part of your system and cannot cause any damage.

Most browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically. However, you can disable the saving of cookies or set up your browser to notify you when a cookie is sent.

External links

Our website also contains links to other providers' websites that are not covered by our data protection declaration. As a rule we have no influence over these providers' content and their compliance with data protection provisions and therefore request that you make yourself aware of the guidelines applicable on those sites when visiting them.

Right of withdrawl

You may revoke any authorisation you have given for all future collation, processing and use of your personal data at any time. We will then delete your data from our systems. This revocation does not affect technical banking customer data, for example for managing your accounts.